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All About SHaD.

She Has a Deal was founded to create pathways to hotel ownership for women through education, networking, and mentorship.  SHaD's signature program is an annual hotel investment pitch competition.  She Has a Deal also offers educational opportunities for all kinds of aspiring hotel investors through our MasterClass series.

What You Should Know.

It can be challenging to create the connections and access the networks you need to invest in hotels.  While She Has a Deal is organized around our pitch competition, our mission is to create a movement. We provide education, exposure to the business, inspirational examples, and a powerful network for our community.  The mentors and collaborators you engage with here will support your efforts long after the competition is over.

The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.

Amelia Earhart, Pilot


From SHaD's Founder.


The idea to create a pitch competition for women was inspired by my own journey to hotel ownership. When I entered the space, I found that the overwhelming majority of owners and developers are men and that access to information and mentorship was not readily available in the way in which I needed to achieve my aspirations. It was challenging to create the connections and access the networks, which is one of the key barriers preventing women from advancing in the field. Furthermore, as I meet aspiring hotel owners, they express the same eagerness to gain the knowledge and experience needed.

Therefore in 2018, consistent with the mission of my company, TLTsolutions, we decided to become a leader in increasing the number of women and Black hotel owners by creating opportunities to make hotel ownership more attainable. Our initial focus is to create new pathways to hotel ownership and development for women and in 2019, we launched She Has a Deal with our first Hotel Pitch Competition.  We inspire  and connect women by facilitating education and experiences that will help them achieve their ambitions.



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Online Education

 Our MasterClass shares lessons learned and behind-the-scenes details of hotel investing, including tools, templates, and other resources to become a sponsor or savvier investor.

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Pitch Competition

Our signature event creates a pathway to hotel ownership by bringing together women to source, analyze, and pitch real hotel projects to win deal equity.

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Investment Fund

The investment fund raises equity capital to close hotel projects led by women developers and create income for investors.

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