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About the Fund

The investment fund raises capital to invest in the women-led hotel deals

while creating passive income for our investors.

Why Invest?

When you invest, you are not only creating income for yourself, you are furthering the mission of She Has a Deal and creating new pathways to hotel ownership and development for women who are grossly underrepresented. Ownership is the new glass ceiling, and She Has a Deal was built to shatter it, making a positive impact on the hospitality industry in the process. 


Your investment will be used to acquire or complete women-led projects surfaced during the SHaD Pitch Competition.  Not only does real estate investing provide passive income and capital gains, but your investment in this Fund will directly further the She Has a Deal mission.

Capital is far less accessible to women. According to Pitchbook, women founders raised a mere 2.8% of venture capital in 2019. We will level that playing field.

Investing in women goes beyond just leveling the playing field.  Companies with above average representation of women generate better returns than those with below average representation.

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