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About the Fund.

The SHaD Prosperity Fund I raises capital to invest in women-led hotel projects

while creating passive income for our investors.

Register on the TLTsolutions portal and create an account if you haven't done so already, then request access to Investor Portal for Offering Documents.

Why Invest?

When you invest, you are not only creating income for yourself, you are furthering the mission of She Has a Deal and creating new pathways to hotel ownership and development for women who are grossly underrepresented.


Ownership is the new glass ceiling, and She Has a Deal was built to shatter it, making a positive impact on the hospitality industry in the process. 


Your investment will be used to acquire or complete women-led projects surfaced during the SHaDPitch Competition. 

If women make up at least 50% of the population and earn more post-secondary degrees than men, and are half the workforce... with women-run companies generating higher returns than those managed by men, then why is it that less than 1% of all money invested in the real estate industry is managed by women-owned firms?


Despite women having just as much ambitious dreams and being just as capable. There's an obvious disconnect between perception and reality. The lack of access to information, mentorship, and especially capital makes the barriers to entry too high. It is the time to create ownership possibilities for women.


"The investment side of the business needs to be more diverse and inclusive," said Tracy Prigmore. Investing in women goes beyond just leveling the playing field. And now with the SHaD Prosperity Fund I, we are helping fund their projects.  

When you invest, you are not only creating income for yourself, but you will be helping reverse the gender wealth gap.

Transformational change begins with you.

The She Has A Deal Influence


Pitch competition



MasterClass Graduates


Engaged women, mentors

and investors in our network.


Live and on-demand viewers of

our inaugural pitch competition.

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Ownership is the new glass ceiling.

Shattering. Not yet  shattered.

Imagine a space for women to learn, connect and invest.

SHaD empowers and transforms women to lead hotel investment projects as Sponsors and savvier real estate investors by razing the roadblocks to obtaining knowledge and capital

We EXPOSE & INSPIRE exploration

We ACCELERATE knowledge to build confidence

We BUILD a support network to achieve success

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