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Our goal is to increase the number of women owning and developing hotels; therefore, the She Has a Deal Hotel Investment Pitch Competition creates a pathway by expanding the participants’ knowledge of investing in hotels and encourages them to pursue hotel ownership and development.

Applications for SHaDPitch 2025 open in May of 2024. 


What is SHaDPitch?

What is SHaDPitch

Welcome to the 5th cycle of  SHaDPitch! The signature program that started it all, SHaDPitch is the gold-standard accelerator, training and mentorship program for women aspiring to become hotel owners. There are no other programs like She Has a Deal. providing women with the inspiration, exposure, education, and investment to make hotel ownership attainable.


Whether you’re a college student hoping to begin a career in real estate development, investment, or hospitality, or if you’re an experienced hotelier or real estate professional looking to build your own wealth through hotel ownership, SHaDPitch gives you the blueprint, network, and access to capital to make your dreams a reality. This program was developed by women for women to address the unique obstacles we face to leverage the wealth-building potential of hotel investment.


Over the years we’ve helped dozens of women learn about hotel investment, gain fruitful positions in the industry, and make their hotel ownership dreams a reality. Our momentum is continuing to build and each year the value of the program grows exponentially!


Our Program Aims to:

 Expose + Inspire
✓ Educate

✓ Build an Ecosystem

✓ Invest in Women

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Creating Sponsors + Savvy Investors

Creating Sponsors + Investors

SHaDPitch empowers women in the hotel investment industry by cultivating sponsors and savvy investors. In commercial real estate, the role of a sponsor is crucial. They lead the entire project, from conception to completion, handling everything from finding and acquiring properties to managing ongoing operations. Sponsors take on financial risks, guaranteeing loans and franchise agreements, and in return, they receive compensation for their successful projects. We provide a comprehensive ecosystem that enables women to maximize their success. Even if a participant decides that sponsorship is not for her, our program is sure to make her a savvier investor.

Build your Competency Through our Proprietary 9 Stage Hotel Investment Roadmap – SOAR

  1. Identify Opportunities – source the ideal hotel for your goals

  2. Formulate a Deal Thesis (business plan) – articulate business goals for the asset and formulate a strategy

  3. Take Control – make an offer and execute a purchase and sale agreement (PSA) that aligns with your deal thesis

  4. Assess Feasibility – complete due diligence to assess the risks of achieving your investment goals

  5. Structure Investment – determine ownership, control, and return allocation

  6. Raise Capital – secure the debt and equity capital to acquire or build your hotel

  7. Close the Deal – purchase and effectively transition the asset 

  8. Manage the Asset – ensure a profitable operation and maximize the value of your asset during the hold time

  9. Revert the Asset – sell or refinance the property to achieve your investment goals

Our Masterclass structure builds the participants’ competency by taking them through the nine stages of hotel investment providing participants with an industry-proven blueprint to profitable hotel ownership.

Larn to SOAR

How Does SHaDPitch Work?

Over the seven-month SHaDPitch timeline, Early Careerist and Today’s Woman participants gather together virtually for bi-weekly education sessions taught by luminaries and for weekly group coaching sessions to work through their hotel projects that are presented to prospective investors and industry leaders during the annual pitch competition, SHaDPitch, in April.

  • 12-month access to SHaD’s educational content

  • 20 live virtual masterclass sessions with hotel industry luminaries

  • Complimentary benchmarking and industry data for financial analysis (STR, Kalibri, HOTSTATS, CBRE, CoSTAR)


  • Live weekly group coaching with Tracy Prigmore

  • Individual mentorship from industry executives

  • Access to SHaD network of industry leaders + investors

  • Chance to win up to $50,000 in deal equity

  • Meet Industry Leaders + Executives!

When you join SHaDPitch, you are an Alum for life with access to the ecosystem, network, and support from other alumnae and leaders for any future hotel projects you take on. 

How Does SHaDPitch Work?

Is SHaDPitch Right For Me?


Our program is designed for determined and ambitious women who want to become sponsors of commercial real estate investments, and have an affinity for hotels. However, the program is also ideal for women:

  • who want to become saavy investors in hotel real estate to grow a portfolio

  • in pursuit of hospitality careers or already in the field and would like to accelerate their knowledge of the investment side of the business. 

No matter your field of study or area of professional experience, becoming a hotel owner in today’s ecosystem means having the know-how to make connections, find the right opportunities, and be able to raise capital. 


Early Careerist

Is just beginning her career and does not have the business experience or resources to sponsor a hotel investment project “today". She is interested in hotel ownership and development and would like to begin exploring the possibilities.
Building the pipeline of future women hotel owners + developers.


Today's Woman

She would like to own or develop a hotel & lead hotel investment projects. She has the wherewithal to sponsor a hotel investment “today” but needs additional support and resources to maximize her success. She is an experienced professional in hospitality, commercial real estate, development, finance, or other similar industry. She may even be a current real estate investor but has not sponsored a deal of her own or is looking to grow her existing portfolio with hotel investments.

I SHaDPitch Rigt For Me?
Compare Tracks

Compare Tracks.

SHaDPitch is for two tracks of applicants - Early Careerist and Today's Woman.

Follow the chart below to identify which track you best align with.


The glass ceiling will go away when women help other women break through

that ceiling.

Indra Nooyi, Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women

Who Teaches SHaDPitch Masterclasses?

The program is primarily led by Tracy L. Prigmore, Founder + CEO of She Has a Deal. and TLTsolutions. Tracy is a current hotel owner, operator and developer as well as a former adjunct professor at George Washington University, and management consultant. She is a successful commercial real estate investor with millions of dollars in assets under management and has a sterling record of providing leading returns to her investors. Tracy has been asked to speak at major industry events about hotel ownership and investment. The training Tracy provides comes from hard-won knowledge and experience investing in her own hotels.


Essentially she’s done the hard work of planning so you can benefit from her experience and get to work with ease. She Has a Deal is everything that Tracy wishes she knew before investing in commercial real estate, everything she has learned on her journey, and everything she continues to learn as an owner, operator, and developer.

Tracy is joined in various masterclasses by industry luminaries and other leaders and SHaD Alum who are experts in their own fields so you are surrounded by a community who have walked this path before and will guide you along your journey. 

Who Teaches SHaDPitch Masterclss?

What You Get In SHaDPitch 2024

Core 9-Step Hotel Investment Masterclass (Self Study) for 12 months

9-Step Hotel Investment Masterclass (live virtual via Zoom)
Live Weekly Group Coaching with Tracy Prigmore for 25 weeks
Industry Trend Reports + Market Analysis 
Templates, Resources, and Step-by-Step Guides 
*New* 2-Day Boot Camp with Tracy Prigmore (September 22 -23 location TBD)
VIP Access to SHaDPitch 2024 Events + Gifts
One-On-One Hotel Investment Mentorship
Facetime With Industry Leaders + Executives

Visits to Hotel Brand Headquarters to Meet Leadership + Tour Model Rooms
Opportunity to win $50,000 in deal equity
Eligibility for Funding from SHaD Prosperity Funds

$3,500 value

$10,500 value
$10,500 value
$13,500+ value
$3,500 value
$1,200 value

$1,200 value
$20,000+ value





What You Get In SHaDPitch

Program Fee: $1,000 Early Careerist | $15,000 Today's Woman*

*Funding for Today's Woman Track is available through Eaze Consulting. 


Can team members attend different schools? Yes. As long as the Early Careerist participants meet the criteria of being a current student or recent graduate (Graduated 2020 or later).


Do I have to be a Hospitality major or have worked in the hotel industry? No. She Has a Deal is open to all women from all education and career backgrounds. 

How much does it cost? $1,000 for Early Careerist. $15,000 for Today's Woman. These fees are per participant.


When are participant fees due? Participant fees are due at the time of application. If you are not selected for the program, your fee will be refunded. For the Today's Woman track, there is a funding option available through Eaze Consulting built into the application. 


I applied and I am no longer interested. Can I get a refund? All participant fees are Non-refundable EXCEPT for those who are not selected for the program. 


How much time is required? Participating in She Has a Deal requires significant time to obtain the knowledge required to become a hotel owner and developer. We can not specify the number of hours per week required, however, MasterClass Sessions & Workshops are held once per week for 1-2 hours from September through March. Additional time will be required to find your deal, analyze it, and prepare to pitch.  


Have more questions? Email the SHaD Squad

SHaDPitch 2025 Applications open in May of 2024

Frequently Asked Qustions
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