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Learn with Us.

Our MasterClass shares lessons learned and behind-the-scenes details of hotel investing, including tools, templates, and other resources to become a sponsor or savvier investor. Our SHaDTalk! learning series are complimentary conversations hosted by Tracy Prigmore and special guests to introduce you to important topics and terms.

Our Courses / Masterclasses

Hotel Investment Masterclass

Financial Modeling & Underwriting

A Sponsor’s Guide to Legally Raising

Equity Capital 


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5 Pathways to Hotel Ownership

This conversation is about the five ways you can become a hotel owner which includes sponsorship and syndication of hotel projects.

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Understanding the Written Agreements in a Private Equity Hotel Investment

This talk is designed to equip you with basic knowledge of essential agreements.

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The 9 Stage Hotel Investment Roadmap

Learn the 9 stage hotel investment roadmap, a framework used by hotel owners, to efficiently navigate and tackle the details required to acquire a hotel.

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7 Important Steps to Projecting ROI for a Hotel Investment Opportunity

Learn a high level overview of analyzing a hotel deal by using a 7 step learning map.

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Should I Hire a Company to Manage my Hotel?

Learn why it is important to think about hiring a third party management company when acquiring your hotel.

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