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Welcome to a new investment destination.

Unlock a ground-breaking investment opportunity with a competitive risk adjusted return, hotel ownership, and socially equitable transformation in the hospitality industry.

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The most attractive 
offer you'll meet.

She Has a Deal (SHaD), a well-coordinated movement to transform the hospitality industry by creating new pathways to hotel ownership for women, is pleased to offer you a new investment destination! The SHaD Prosperity Fund I is a ground-breaking investment of hotel assets that creates passive income for our investors. The Fund is composed of women-led hotel projects that originate from the She Has a Deal Pitch Competition.

If hotel ownership is on your bucket list or you’re looking to earn passive income, Click Here to Unlock this Destination!

Join us on tour.

We invite you to meet us on our 10 - city tour to get a sneak peak of the hotel
deals being pitched. Join us for a bite and a beverage where you’ll:


  • Learn about how to invest in hotels with SHaD founder, hotel owner, & real estate investment guru Tracy Prigmore;

  • Connect with the women of She Has a Deal; and

  • Invest and become a judge of the highly anticipated 2022 pitch competition

Find us in one of these cities:

Atlanta, GA - March 24

Chicago, IL - March 30

Cleveland, OH - April 5

Dallas, TX - March 7

Louisville, KY - April 4

Miami, FL - February 11

New York, NY - April 14

Oakland, CA - March 31

Phoenix, AZ - April 1

Washington, DC - March 3

Space at the tour venues is limited. Spots are being reserved for qualified individuals who are ready to invest in 2022.

If your city is not listed here, please join us virtually on March 31st at 6 pm eastern.

Join us on tour

At She Has a Deal,
we believe in the power
of collaboration.

––there is tremendous potential for success when women-led hotel projects are paired with expert insight and the necessary capital.

More than an investment

More than an investment.

She Has a Deal is increasing the number of women who own and develop hotels. But it’s not easy. With the SHaD Prosperity Fund, we are unleashing the capital resources it takes to close deals. 


Our mission is a movement to transform the hospitality industry by creating new pathways to hotel ownership and development for women. At She Has a Deal, we expose women to the possibilities of hotel ownership; educate them on what steps to take, and inspire them to take action. We've built an ecosystem with a network of partners, collaborators, mentors, and unparalleled resources that is strong enough to support the power of women. 


high risk
or high reward?

You be the judge.

As a She Has a Deal investor, you will not only earn passive income from your investment, but you'll also have the opportunity to judge the pitch presentations from our inspiring teams of entrepreneurial women. As an investor judge, (think SharkTank or, in this case, SHaDTank), you'll also have the opportunity to assist in developing and supporting these women entrepreneurs as they take the critical steps to diversify the face of hotel ownership around the world.

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