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Our goal is to increase the number of women owning and developing hotels; therefore, the She Has a Deal Hotel Investment Pitch Competition creates a pathway by expanding the participants’ knowledge of investing in hotels and encourages them to pursue hotel ownership and development.


About the Competition.

The Competition facilitates the process for acquiring or developing a hotel and securing capital for the deal. Participants identify a viable project and pitch the deal to potential investors who serve as judges for the Competition. Find out how the competition works!

With the objectives of inspiring, educating, mentoring and channeling the power of collaboration, the experience begins prior to the Competition event. Our multi-module educational series is delivered by hotel industry luminaries that provide the participants with the knowledge to prepare for the Competition and chart a path to ownership.

For 2023, we have Today's Woman again, a second competitive track for our pitch competition.

Today's Woman is for the entrepreneur with experience in hospitality or real estate investments. 


Our education focuses on:

 Investing in Hotels & Sourcing Deals
✓ Analyzing the Market

✓ Projecting the Return on Investment

✓ Structuring the Deal & Raising Capital


SHaDPitch Participant Investment includes...

  • Opportunity to win $50,000 in Deal Equity

  • 12 Months Access to SHaD's EdTech Platform

  • 20+ Live MasterClasses & Workshops with Hotel Industry Luminaries

  • Complimentary Benchmarking data to complete your financial analyses (>$10,000)

  • Access to SHaDNetwork of Industry Leaders + Investors

  • A personal SHaDCoach

  • Weekly Group Coaching with SHaD Founder Tracy Prigmore

  • Coffee Virtual Office Hours with Hotel Underwriting Queen Kendra Plummer

  • 2 One on One 1 hour Post Pitch Coaching Sessions with SHaD Founder Tracy Prigmore

  • Eligibility to Access Joint Venture Equity

  • Plus Much More!

How It Works.

Anchor 1

The glass ceiling will go away when women help other women break through

that ceiling.

Indra Nooyi, Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women

Compare Tracks.

SHaDPitch is for two tracks of applicants - Early Careerist and Today's Woman.

Follow the chart below to identify which track you best align with.



Can team members attend different schools? Yes. As long as the Early Careerist participants meet the criteria of being a current student or recent graduate (Graduated 2019 or later).


Do I have to be a Hospitality major or have worked in the hotel industry? No. She Has a Deal is open to all women from all education and career backgrounds. 

How much does it cost? $500 for Early Careerist. $4,997 for Today's Woman. These fees are per participant.


When are participant fees due? Participant fees are due at the time of application. If you are not selected for the program, your fee will be refunded.


I applied and I am no longer interested. Can I get a refund? All participant fees are Non-refundable EXCEPT to those who are not selected for the program. 


How much time is required? Participating in She Has a Deal requires significant time to obtain the knowledge required to become a hotel owner and developer. We can not specify the number of hours per week required, however, MasterClass Sessions & Workshops are held once per week for 1-2 hour from September through March. Additional time will be required to find your deal, analyze it, and prepare to pitch.  


Have more questions? Email Azari Jones at 

SHaDPitch 2023 Applications are now Closed.

Check back in May 2023 for SHaDPitch 2024.

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