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Creating pathways to hotel ownership + development for women.

Welcome to SHaD.

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How many times have you skimmed the first sentence of an article about investing in hotels, only to scroll on because the subject matter felt intimidating and unattainable?

The wealth gap for women is huge, and investing can feel financially out of reach.  When you add the near total inaccessibility of tangible education and mentorship to the mix, owning and developing hotels sounds like something reserved for billionaires or movie characters.

Not anymore.

A woman alone has power,

collectively we have impact.

Shelley Zalis, CEO, of the Female Quotient

What We Do.

She Has a Deal offers inspiration and education to achieve our goal -- increasing the number of women hotel owners and developers.

Our programs channel the power of collaboration and mentorship by connecting experts and newbies, experienced investors and hotel operations leaders.

We create pathways to hotel ownership by exposing participants to the hard-to-find details needed to successfully source, analyze, and close hotel real

estate investment deals.

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Online Education

 Our MasterClass shares lessons learned and behind-the-scenes details of hotel investing, including tools, templates, and other resources to become a sponsor or savvier investor.

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Pitch Competition

Our signature event creates a pathway to hotel ownership by bringing together women to source, analyze, and pitch real hotel projects to win deal equity.

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Investment Fund

The investment fund raises equity capital to close hotel projects led by women developers and create income for investors.



Simple but not easy.

Simple. We want to increase the number of women who own and develop hotels. But it’s not easy. Our mission is a movement to transform the hospitality industry by creating new pathways to hotel ownership and development for women.

+ We will expose women to the possibilities of hotel investing; educate them about what steps to take; and inspire them to believe it can be done. We will build a network of collaborators and mentors that is strong enough to support the power of women. + We will unleash the capital resources it takes to get deals done.


Meet the Founder

Hotel investing is more accessible than it seems, but the information, best practices, and mentorship needed to bring deals to life is not freely shared.

When SHaD Founder, Tracy Prigmore, started investing in hotels, she couldn't find what she needed, in the way she needed it -- so she decided to build it herself to help others.

"It was challenging to create the connections and access the networks, which is one of the key barriers preventing women from advancing in the field. Furthermore, as I meet aspiring hotel owners, they express the same eagerness to gain the knowledge and experience needed," Tracy says.

Tracy, a healthcare executive turned investor, is also the founder of TLTsolutions, a real estate investment company.

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Getting excited? Get involved! There are 3 ways:

+ Join a Masterclass

+ Participate in the Pitch Competition

+ Invest in Our Fund

Accelerate your journey to hotel ownership by enrolling in a  masterclass or applying for the Pitch Competition. Further our mission by sponsoring the Pitch Competition; donating to the cause; or sharing your hotel projects with us. Partner with us on a hotel deal as a joint venture, or invest in a project with us.

Our Founding Sponsors

We have been honored by the warmth and excitement with which the hotel industry has embraced She Has a Deal.  Our founding sponsors, Hilton Worldwide, Marriott International, and TLTsolutions have set the stage for transforming a pitch competition into a movement.  Our gratitude to them and all of our sponsors knows no bounds.

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