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Hotel Investment Masterclass.

The Hotel Investment MasterClass uses a case study approach to teach the proprietary nine-stage hotel investment process, a roadmap built by TLTsolutions.  Participants will leave the class armed with the knowledge, tools, and templates they need to pursue hotel ownership as a sponsor or more savvier investor.

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What You'll Learn

Analyze a deal by evaluating historical market             performance and projecting future demand.

Project return on investment working with a proven financial model.

Structure a deal and create an offering that appeals to investors and lenders.

Raise capital through Reg D 506b, Crowdfunding, 506c, or Regulation A+.

Close the deal with proven tools and templates.

Tap into the $9.7 trillion pool of IRA funds for equity.

This class is for you if...

+ You have dipped your toe into the waters of real estate investing.

+ You have attended a hotel investing conference and know the basics.

+ You want to become a sponsor of hotel investments.

+ You are experienced in hotel operations and want to become an owner.

If you have questions about our MasterClasses, please don't hesitate to send us a message and connect with us.

This class provided me with a step by step concise road map of how to become a sponsor and safeguard my investors and myself.  

Everett Gransberry, CEO Walnut Ventures

Your Instructor(s)

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Tracy L. Prigmore

Tracy is the Founder of TLTsolutions and She Has a Deal. With a sterling record of bringing real estate ventures to life and maximizing their financial performance, Tracy’s mission is to empower people to build generational wealth. As a current hotel owner, former adjunct professor at George Washington University and management consultant, Tracy has structured this MasterClass to transfer knowledge, maximize your learning and catapult you on your journey to hotel ownership.

Now I can clearly and confidently say that I am an educated hotel investor who understands the process and has the option to become a sponsor.  

Tonya Edmonds, Passive Hotel Investor

The Details

9 Stage Roadmap diagram colors.png

1 - Identify the Opportunity

2 - Formulate the Business Plan (Deal Thesis)

3 - Take Control 

4 - Confirm Feasibility (Due Diligence)

5 - Structure Investment

6 - Raise Capital

7 - Close the Deal

8 - Manage the Asset

9 - Revert the Asset

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